Some of the below materials have been created within Clowne Enterprise and others by local experts. All these people are as knowledgeable as they are helpful, so if you want updated help and information please follow the links provided and use their services. Dates have been added to workshops so you can gain an idea of how dated the material may be.

Workshop materials

Winning customers workshop

9 September 2019. The PowerPoint presentation from the workshop providing an introduction to marketing and selling.

Winning customers

Online ads workshop

2 December 2019. This PowerPoint presentation shows you how you can use ads on Facebook and Google without spending a fortune.
The workshop was led by local entrepreneur and social media guru Roxy Rhodes. You can find out more about Roxy and the support she can offer at

How Online Ads Can Work for You – Without Blowing Your Budget

Websites that Work workshop

11 November 2019. This Word document was created by, and the workshop led by, Guy Tomlinson of SEO Co-pilot. There are more SEO workshops available from Guy and the team.
The material provide an introduction to search engine optimisation and includes an extensive list of resources you can use to check and improve the performance of your website.

Website That Work – A Guide to SEO

Sundry resources

Customer service infographic

25 Skills for Excellent Customer Service

Build your own website

1 October 2022. A (revised) step-by-step guide to building your own website for free on, the platform we’ve used for creating this site.

The Really Simple Guide to Building a Website for Free

Creating a free video with your smartphone

31 July 2020. How to create videos for your business using your smartphone. Lots of practical tips, links to free resources and a few ideas for improving your video if you do have a few quid to spend.

The Really Simple Guide to Creating a Free Video with your Smartphone

Where to go for personal financial help

27 October 2020. The coronavirus, and everything that has come with it, has made life tough for lots of us. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, cope with mental health issues or are facing domestic abuse there are places you can turn locally to get help and advice.

Covid Community Information

Guide to Claiming Benefits and Credits Following Redundancy

11 December 2020. The coronavirus has added to the number of people losing their jobs. If you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself in that situation, this straight-forward guide from Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre explains about the benefits and similar help you may be entitled to.

Guide to Claiming Benefits and Credits Following Redundancy

Cyber Security – Tips from South Yorkshire Police

8 February 2021. With so many people and businesses relying on the Internet for work and an income, it’s never been more important to stay safe online. This guide from South Yorkshire Police explains the threats and how to safeguard yourself against them.

The Little Book of Cyber Scams 2.0

An alternative cash flow spreadsheet

19 February 2022. Here’s an alternative form of cash flow spreadsheet. This should be particualrly useful for anyone who is going self-employed, claiming Universal Credit and reporting their business income and spending each month.

The Alternative Cash Flow Forecast Spreadsheet